Why invest in therapy?

There are moments in life when we are faced with doubts, questions, important decisions to be made, or situations of loss; or we simply feel the need to reflect on ourselves, understand why we behave in a certain way, and reassess values and goals.

In these situations, the help and guidance of a psychologist can be very valuable. Maintaining a neutral and non-judgemental stance, the psychologist is a professional who has been trained to help you explore your inner world, feelings and behaviours, in search for a more enjoyable, satisfying and meaningful life.

CBT and self-knowledge

“To know others is wisdom, to know one’s self is enlightenment” – Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is also an effective approach for those seeking an improvement in self-knowledge. The treatment does not need to have a time limitation and aims to help the patient develop a deeper understanding of their behaviours and thought patterns, which entails a broader awareness of oneself. Through understanding one’s own life history and the contingencies to which the person was subjected (family values, experiences, culture, social relationships, academic / professional life, choices etc.), it is possible to better understand the current moment in life and give new meaning to the past.

One of the great advantages of investing in a process of self-discovery is that those who know themselves better have more efficient tools for avoiding making the same mistakes they made in the past and are able to make conscious, informed decisions. It can be a rewarding process.